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Job Advertising, Hiring, & Recruiting Solutions

Targeting Improves Job Advertising

Leveraging job seeker behavior and interests, Jobstunes targets the right
candidates with the right messaging, maximizing your recruiting budget and
improving applicant quality.

Employer Branding

“Why work for us!” To compete in the talent war, you need to stand out from the pack to ensure your voice is heard. Jobstunes gives employers the opportunity to message directly to those candidates actively researching them and influence them at the moment they’re making decisions.

  • Tell your employer branding story with dynamic branded content like why work for us messaging, videos, and social media integration
  • Showcase your open positions with a direct jobs feed from your career site
  • Analyze candidate demographics and job seeker activity

Corporate Reputation and Employer Brand

“This is who we are!” In today’s era of transparency, it’s critical to tell your company story, not only to prospective candidates and current employees, but to the wider business community of investors, partners and even customers. Jobstunes gives you the opportunity to manage your employer brand and measure awareness and reputation through unique data insights you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Monitor brand awareness, company and CEO reputation management
  • Analyze your employer branding impact vs your talent competitors
  • Track competitive rankings across categories like Culture & Values, Work/Life Balance, and Benefits

Recruit and Hire from Our Candidate Pool

Our rapidly growing job seeker community is highly engaged and well-researched. That means our job advertising clients enjoy 2x better applicant quality and as much as a 30% lower cost-per-hire compared to other recruiting channels.